Let the magic begin!

I would love to create an incredible artwork exclusively for you!


I absolutely love working with women who are looking to celebrate, honour and nurture themselves on their journey to elevate their lives and business on every level. Is that woman you?

I will bring your inner strength bolstering to the surface upon the canvas, heighten your physical prowess, celebrate your diversity, embody your beauty and sexuality, reveal your sensuality, secrets and mystery. And most significantly, saluting your confidence, heart and spirited strength of character.

Something personal to remind you of your inner strength when things feel hard. Something beautiful to capture your attention when it wavers. Something tangible to anchor yourself to when you feel overwhelmed. Something of value, colour and beauty which truly reflects who you are, celebrating, honouring and nurturing you.


I'd love to take the time necessary to connect with you and I pride myself in my ability to uncover exactly what that "something" is for each woman exclusively, prior to delving into the creative process.


Ultimately, you will be enraptured each and everyday by such colour and beauty which also embodies your own divine authenticity. You will be invigorated, moved and inspired to live your life on purpose and empowered with the strength and confidence to elevate your life on all levels.



I would love to create an artwork exclusively for you!


PS: Current openings are limited... so get in touch to book a free call now!



♥️ Tanya x.

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I ordered Chesna to bring some life to my clinic space and I couldn’t be happier with the result. She gets so many compliments from clients, but more so, she creates an aura of love, warmth and connection that fills up the room. At the time of creation I wasn’t able to visualise exactly what I wanted, so looking at Chesna now I am in constant awe of how perfectly she represents myself and my work, and Tanya’s remarkable ability to have envisioned this. Working with Tanya to create an individualised artwork was an incredibly flawless experience, and I would recommend for anyone thinking about owning a unique statement piece to get in touch and let the magic begin!

Monica Williams - Naturopath

Owner of Wildfolk Wellness