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I am a woman on a mission creating exquisitely distinct works of art, with bold originality, rich colour tones and textures, fine lines and an empowering feminine sensuality; redefining rooms with luxurious style and value, a seductive elegance of beauty and character, and a fierce unwavering energy to stimulate your mind and ignite your deepest desires.

I do not simply paint a portrait of you, as is standard within figurative artwork commissions. I take the time to connect with you as we delve into who you are and exactly what you are looking for. I conceptualise your needs, researching and exploring expression and body language, symbolism and totems, word, name and colour meanings, and then I create a unique representation of the essence of your being onto the canvas. I transform your energy into something tangible, to make a visual impact in your life with something of value, originality, colour and beauty.

My bespoke artwork is especially for (but not limited to) passionate female trailblazers who are embracing the best side of what forty+ has to offer, who are ready to celebrate their power, to illuminate their inner Goddess and strengthen their tenacity to always honour and nurture their divine authenticity, heart and soul. A unique opportunity to acknowledge all that you are, for all you have grown through, without judgement, shame or ridicule.

I harness my ability through art and life to empower every woman, liberating her the confidence to always know her self-worth, the courage to never stop chasing her dreams, the conviction to always speak her truth, the wisdom to know how much love she deserves, and the moxie to proclaim her veracity to the world.

Everyday your own personal artwork will shout out loud who you are and who you want your future self to be. It will celebrate you and remind you of your potential. It will inspire, motivate and encourage you, influence, stimulate and persuade you. It will enrapture, invigorate and empower you, over and over again. And to top it off, it will look damned gorgeous while doing it; establishing an unmistakeable, visually explosive impact in your life for all to see. One with individuality, vivacity and grandeur. Priceless.

Click here to get your FREE Discovery pdf which outlines more about what I do, including package information and prices for bespoke artwork. Tanya x

Modern Living Room
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