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"With determination, courage and faith she beholds a sensual grace, her heart brimming full of love, light, and resolution. She has risen anew in the face of each adversity that has laid claim of her and she shines with the glorious luminosity of every flame which has reforged her soul. She will always trust in her spirit and tenacity, for to live her best life she will without fail need to brave the fire.” - Prea by Tanya Marie Reeves


Prea is a North-African name meaning - Brave Heart

Symbols and Totems

The Phoenix. I would be hard pressed, I’m sure, to find someone who is not familiar with this mythical bird. The Phoenix is a solitary creature which can self-regenerate; rising from the aftermath of fire from its ashes; a symbol of hope, renewal, rebirth, immortality and resurrection. The phoenix shows us courage. It pushes us to brave the fire, step up in the face fear or failure and begin again with determination, beauty and hope.


Prea came together more beautiful than I had ever possibly imagined!

In the very beginning I was incredibly concerned that I had chosen too many clashing multifaceted fabrics and that perhaps the diamond pattern along with those fabrics was going to present as way too busy. I was even extremely close to removing the third selection from the canvas! Thankfully I was in my right mind to take a step back and give it a day.

Going on 30+ hours of fabric applique and being very close to complete I began to truly see her beauty and potential and the fiery oranges and yellows and blend of those colours had the Phoenix begin forming in my mind… with a few excited butterflies in my belly!

The additional grainy texture and glitter also had me second guessing myself for a minute. Again, was it all going to be too much? Artist Tanya Marie Reeves - This is your thiiinnng. You know what you’re doing even when you think you don’t. You’ve got this. Right. Carry-on. Throw some of that bloody glitter on her lips too!

Prea was not initially intended to be dark of skin either. That was my daughters input (Hallelujah) though it still took me a few days to get onboard and a few Hmmm’s while mixing colours… and then… and then I WAS IN LOVE!


24 February 2021

H121xW101cm – 48x40”

Acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas

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