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Always Time For Family

Good morning lovely people! Today Heaven and I are meeting some family for the first time which is both exciting and also a little scary!

Dato, Rita, Father Joe (Felix and Maria in Australia) are my Nunna's first cousins (Nunna is my grandmother). Rita used to live in Australia and Father Joe has visited us a few times so I had met both. Heaven as well although she would have been quite young. I believe I may have met Dato when I was young although I do not remember. So today we met Dato, Father Joe, Rita, one of Rita's sons, lovely daughter-in-law and their little boy, for lunch at Xlendi Bay (Xlendi is an urban village in Malta situated in the south west of the island of Gozo and it is spectacular! I cannot wait to get back there to explore).

It was really lovely and lunch was superb. We also visited Dato's home which (part there of) is 400 years old! But the very best part was his "Wall of Fame" ... or should I say walls (plural), lol. He likes to take photos of himself with all of his visitors from afar and keeps the framed images on display. It was so awesome to see pics of some of our loved ones up there. And now Heaven and I will also make the cut.

Tanya x.

Backdated: Sunday 5 June 2022


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