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Arriving in Malta

The airport is quite small (like, not much larger than the Mildura airport) and we found it very strange that there were no customs or passport checks whatsoever on entering the country. We paid for a taxi to the Harbour (about a 20-25 minute drive) not being able to even bear the thought of catching a bus for over an hour.

Our driver was a maniac! Actually, after a few days here, I'm not afraid to say they are all maniac drivers and I am not one bit tempted to hire a car and involve myself in that mess. Lol. The roads are very narrow and windy, many within built up stone-stacked walls and it is often a tight squeeze to get past another car. I'm not actually sure how we are still alive.

The cities, the countryside, is not what I would call beautiful, but absolutely spectacular none-the-less. It has a very Middle-Eastern aesthetic, the buildings beige and uniformed. Doors and balconies being the only feature which seemingly individualises a property. But oh my there are some incredible architectural structures, albeit also beige. Minus cars, electrical wires and solar panels (from what we have seen so far) there would be nothing visually modern at all. It looks and feels old, very, very old. Its history seeps through its bones.

Apparently the country side is incredibly green throughout the winter, but come summer everything turns brown. There are no trees, as it is mostly farmland. It is very arid and reminds me a lot of home, only with giant prickly pear bushes growing wild in areas instead of saltbush.

The ferry ride across from Malta to Gozo at dusk was gorgeous. Such a sight to see. Thankfully the waters were quite calm. Then as we travelled across to the opposite side of Gozo from Mgarr Harbour to Gharb, it becomes so completely impossible to fathom how a place can be so small and yet so big at the same time. Malta is 316 km sq and Gozo only 67 km sq and yet it is absolutely bustling and is there is so damned much to see having a recorded history dating all the way back to 4000 BC! It is fucking insane!

Tanya x.

PS: It is the coolest thing to hear all of these people sounding like my Nunna and to see all of these people who look just like members of my maternal family! We can literally choose people out of the crowds who remind us of someone .

Backdated: Thursday 3 June 2022


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