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"She proclaims her sovereignty aloud with fortitude and passion, held softly in the palms of vulnerability and grace. Majestically she calls forth the strength from her lions-heart and unleashes her will across the miles with the depth of a ferocious and thunderous roar." - Artist Tanya Marie Reeves


The name Brenin translates as "King". The name is Welsh in origin and recognised as being a male title.

Symbols and Totems

Lion The male lion is a symbol of personal strength and courage. The master of emotions, he shows us majesty, prowess, protection, leadership, pride and wisdom. The lion is of royalty and has a strong connection with the sun and gold, symbolising power and prosperity. A proclamation of rule, a lions roar is booming and can be heard well across the plains. It is spine chilling and guttural; an ancient calling of bravery from deep within his heart.

Butterfly The butterfly is one of the most emblematic totems, throughout the world and throughout time, symbolising beauty, lightness, transformation and fortitude. The butterfly is connected with: Life cycles, change, renewal, rebirth, lightness of being, psyche, spirit, emotion, beauty, fragility, strength.

Significant Colours

Purple is the color of royalty and ceremony, the colour of the highest regard. Purple also symbolises creativity, fantasy and magic. The colour purple is linked to our mental and psychological abilities being our intuition, wisdom, our sixth sense, open mindedness and truth.

Red is the colour that holds the greatest amount of energy. Red is high voltage! Sexy, angry, passionate, powerful and emotionally charged. Red speeds up our heart rate, blood flow, and body temperature. Red is grounding, it stimulates our senses and our adrenal gland, giving us more energy, creating trust and therefore making us more prone to take action.


I am woman, hear me roar

Brenin is a powerful, powerful artwork; through pure passion and dominion, through the depth of colour, through masculine title, through ferocity and the brilliance of white canines in a lions roar... but also through the softness of poise, through feminine form, through beauty and grace, through the flutter of fragile wings, through vulnerability and through the fortitude and compassion for ones self to authentically express all.

Brenin was greatly inspired by the theory of Anima and Animus, a term first coined by famous psychiatrist Carl Jung referring to the indwelling of feminine AND masculine energies which ALL human beings possess; The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Two halves of one soul, which has been savagely divided and greatly dictated throughout history.

Through the masculinity of her name and the femininity of her form, through her attributes of independence, strength and dominance, co-existing no more or no less than through her traits of modesty, grace and intuition, lay the most free being of them all.


January 2023

H121xW101cm – 48x40”

Acrylic on calico on stretched canvas

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