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Dipping Day

First and foremost it is our little man Oliver's birthday today! (My Nephew).

For Oliver. 🥳 You are a big-boy-3 now, and man I cannot believe how fast those years have gone by, and still I wonder, how can I have just met you only 3 years ago and yet feel as though you have been here, part of my heart and soul for my whole entire life? Happy birthday little man, my love is a bright diamond light around you always and forever. I am a little sad I am not there for your birthday... but I also know with absolution you don't really care anyways, lol. Love you Lil' Lucifer 😈🥰.

Okay. Back to the here and now. It is one of those 'dipping' days I spoke of earlier. Yesterday, Heaven requested with absolute exhaustion, a day in which we "done nothing". I couldn't agree more. We did venture out for a morning walk along the cliff tops and home again, but other than that, have just been enjoying the serenity.

😊 Do you lovely people have any questions? We haven't been here quite a week yet but I can already tell you there ain't no Coles or Woolworths around here! Ask away, I am more than happy to chat... I won't answer straight up, but when I can I will. If I don't know the answer, I'll find out. If I can't find any information, I'll make it up. JJ 😘.

♥️ Tanya x.

PS: How cute is the little "Library" on the wall. I am pretty sure the sign is supposed to say "Take one leave one" but we get the gist. Has anyone seen these before in any other place?


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