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Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

We maaaaaybe overdid it a little today. Learning our lesson we have set a new boundary limiting our adventures to just ONE per day. Then plan was to catch a bus into Victoria (which is the capital of Gozo) wander around a little and then catch another bus to the Dwejra Inland Sea in San Lawarenz (https://maltaeasy.com/gozos-inland-sea/) and then another bus back 'home'.

We did wander around Victoria AND fell into a rabbit hole when we decided on a whim to visit the Citadel ( https://www.visitgozo.com/.../sight.../citadel-cittadella/ ). WOW! We literally could have spent the entire day just there. The area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, and the site now occupied by the Cittadella is believed to have been the acropolis of the Punic-Roman city of Gaulos or Glauconis Civitas.

Thennnnn we came across St. George's Basilica (or the Basilica and Collegiate Parish Church of Saint George, also simply known as San Ġorġ in Maltese) which is a historic Baroque church situated in the middle of Gozo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._George%27s_Basilica,_Malta) and had to go in. (Side note: Interesting that we were given shawls as we entered to cover prohibited exposed shoulders, back and décolletage, however bare legs are not considered). The interior of this church absolutely blew our minds! I can't even begin to describe this place and unfortunately the photos do not do it the justice it deserves, but you get the point. It is phenomenal!

In St. George Square we indulged in a late lunch of scrumptious cheese ravioli and delicious rabbit stew... way too hot to be eating these things but one cannot resist!

The day isn't done yet!

Time to get out the bikini's! Bus 311 from Victoria to San Lawrenz and on to Dwejra Inland Sea (https://maltaeasy.com/gozos-inland-sea/ ) AND Gozo's Blue Hole (https://maltaeasy.com/why-gozos-blue-hole-is-a-true.../ ). The Inland Sea is a shallow semi-circular lagoon of about 60 m wide connected to the Mediterranean Sea by 80 m long Tunnel cave through the rock. The bottom of Tunnel gets progressively deeper, starting at 3 m in the lagoon side, and at the seaward end reaches 26 m. The tunnel has vertical walls and pebble bottom, ending to a lot of big boulders around the seaside exit. Outside the Tunnel the seabed drops down to around 50 m.

The lagoon was pretty cool, the Blue Hole was definitely cooler! No deep sea diving for us though, but Heaven did swim in both. I was happy to just sit in the shallows and soak in the sun. Water was too cold for me! No surprise to a lot of you I am sure.

Tanya x.

Backdated: Saturday 5 June 2022


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