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He is Bahman.

Meet our Male artist of the Month, Bahman! His work revolves around women; the mothers, daughters, wives and lovers, and is an amalgamation of mysticism and esotericism.

When I contacted self-taught artist Bahman, he wrote me that I wouldn’t easily find any information about him as he is nobody. Now firstly, not one person on this planet is a nobody and most importantly in this case, Bahman is not only a somebody, he is a somebody who possesses a truly phenomenal gift!

My first thought when I came across Bahman’s artwork was of Gustav Klimt. It wasn’t just his powerful use of colour in combination with such intricate details and seemingly chaotic patterns, it wasn’t just the discernible tilt of the subjects bodies or the finesse of gold leaf applique. There is this, kind of anachronistic wisdom, in Bahman’s artwork, a genus of beauty which defies modern standards.

Through his self-teachings, Bahman was greatly influenced from the encaustic paintings of the antiquity (the Fayum portraits) to the more refined works of the Quattrocento.

Bahman’s work revolves around women, the mothers, daughters, wives and lovers, and is an amalgamation of mysticism and esotericism, superbly combining disparate elements and artefacts from past civilisations within his work. Death and redemption, alchemy, religion, mythology, spiritual fulfilment, immortality, antiquity and mysticism… it’s all there in what Bahman considers as his “artistic melting pot”. From the past, creating a new beginning.

Man of the Month. He is Bahman.

Instagram: @bahman.artiste

Saatchi Art: @zebracafe

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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