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He is Viktor Sheleg

I think I am in love.

Raise a toast to our Man of the Month Viktor Sheleg.

I am in awe of artists akin to Viktor, his artwork the polar opposite of my own fanatically pristine style. The abstract expression and fragmented motion of the women upon the canvas amid the disarray of mediums and lines, and the magnificent blur of colours… I just want to close my eyes, breathe in the arresting vision burned forever there, and be gobbled up by the potency of it all.

“When creating a picture, I am guided by emotions and energy. Harmony born of chaos of color, stains, lines and splashes.” - Viktor Sheleg.

Viktor Sheleg (b.1962) is a self-taught artist, residing in Riga, Latvia, though he was born aways away in Lomonosov, near Saint-Petersberg, Russia. Already drawing from the time he could hold a crayon, and painting at age twelve, growing up in a country isolated from the rest of the world and known for its climate of conformity, Viktor exploring conformity and liberty onto the canvas, guided by his personal worldview and innermost sentiments.

In 1994, two paintings were exhibited and sold at the auction "Hotel Drouot” Paris, France. In 1995, Viktor, along with the art scientists of Art gallery “Ars Moderna”, founded and presented a new trend of fine art, called “expressive synthetism”, based on Victor Sheleg’s works. Viktor created 1800+ paintings since 1990. Almost all of them are in private collections all across the world.

He is Viktor Sheleg.

Website: www.artsheleg.com

Instagram: @viktor.sheleg

Facebook: @ViktorShelegGallery

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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