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Nothing But Cats & Dogs

Monday 13 June 2022

I have been thinking a lot about wildlife today. Heaven and I have discussed how we haven't really seen any. Birds and lizards. Tick. Cats and dogs. Yep. On all of this land we have not seen any wild animals, not even rabbits which they so love to eat. No sheep or cows or horses either (however we did see a sign saying "Pig Enclosure" but didn't see any pigs). I keep hearing something which I think is an owl, but during the day time???

This morning I seen a squashed rat (perhaps?) on the road. Funnily enough, just then on my way home from dinner, a cat and rat (??? It really did look too cute to be a rat) literally fell out of the bushes about a metre down onto the road mid-chase! I consider myself that "rats" hero as the cat skitzed it and ran away, frightened by my presence.

In the water we have seen fish obviously, and after seeing a couple of small jelly- fish (the most well-known in Malta being the Mauve Stinger) we learned that they are out an about in force, so we need to keep an eye on the safe swim map. There are also, 36 species of sharks in this area including the great white. But apparently it is quite rare for them to come in (there have been 22 recorded unprovoked white shark attacks in the Mediterranean since 1907) you apparently "have more of a chance of being attacked by a dog."

Right. Research.

  • The "rat" was more likely the Sicilian Shrew, large like a rat but looks more like a mouse.

  • There is the Maltese Wall Lizard (which are EVERYWHERE) and chameleons.

  • A plethora of birds, though Malta’s national Bird is the Blue rock thrush (or ‘Merill’ in Maltese)

  • Roosters, goats, snakes, moths...

  • European honeybee, recognised as its own subspecies, is one of the most endangered bees in the world.

  • Ooo and there are 5 species of owls which live in Malta, so perhaps that is what I am hearing... and yes, apparently some owls are active during the day.

Well there you have it. No action and adventure today, but a whole lot of useless information for you to absorb.

Tanya x


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