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Ohhh The Ocean

While you are likely sleeping soundly inAustralia, I am sitting in my kitchen at my laptop. There is a slight breeze blowing in through the double doors and the birds are incessantly chirping in the courtyard just beyond, and yay! I have finally caught you lovely people up and I want to thank you all for joining and reading my ramblings.

If you have seen my stories today you will already know I had a fucking spectacular morning!

Today was the day to begin bringing in a little routine to my days, starting with my morning exercise. I just thought I'd start with a walk, follow the road in the opposite direction to what Heaven and I had a few days earlier. And OMG I had the most incredible, invigorating, fucking brilliant start to the day. I cannot describe the absolute freedom and exhilaration I felt. And boy I have not felt that way in a veeeerrrrryyyyy long time, if I can even remember when I felt it at all. And to top it off with a cherry, I arrived home to see Emma and Oliver on face-time with Heaven (who missed out on it all btw, because, exercise.

There are pics here with this post and some videos* for you to see. (*For videos and lives, please join my facebook group!)

The rest of my morning was spent working (and smiling) and on an epic coaching call with 2 Minds Project, before Heaven and I ventured in to Victoria to visit Il-Haġar (Heart of Gozo Museum) for an art exhibition. The permanent works were actually way more fascinating than the exhibit and also the building itself, being in the heart of Gozo. Unfortunately no photos were allowed but you can visit here https://heartofgozo.org.mt/

This brings me back to my kitchen, with a slight breeze blowing in through the double doors and the birds incessantly chirping in the courtyard just beyond. The sun still won't set for another 3 hours. I think some dinner, a balcony, a book and a chai latte to end the day.

Tanya x.

Backdated: Monday 6 June 2022


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