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One Week Gone Already?

Thursday 9 June 2022

We have been in Malta one week today! How crazy is that? I truly think these 12 weeks here are going to fly by, so I am really trying hard to always be present and mindful of every single moment - slow down and enjoy... how I would like to live everyday, anywhere really.

I took a new direction on my morning walk today, toward the sea and then inland from the peak. It is a little greener here and there are some trees. It is as though the summer hasn't quite desecrated this area just yet. It is obviously farming land as most is in-between each town. It beats me how they grow anything here though. It seems the entire island is made of limestone and the field soil literally looks like sandy ground down rocks. Perhaps limestone is fantastic for planting? Something I will need to Google.

We headed into the main drag of Gharb for a stroll and some lunch today, checked out the Church of Our Lady in the centre of town and took a look around a small restored church nearby. Gharb is mostly residential. There are a couple of small cafes, a pharmacy, a small supermarket. That's about it.

A few things about Gozo/Malta:

  • There is one McDonalds in Gozo and several in Malta.

  • They drive on the left but walk on the right. Even escalators are right-sided. It's weird.

  • People seem surprised when I say good morning to them as I pass on my walks. They mostly respond with a smile though.

  • So far, there is no cafe or restaurant where you have to go to the counter to order or pay. Table service all the way. They think we're weird when we ask.

  • They do not have Mochas or Chai. They get confused if we ask.

  • There are around 105 festas in different towns and villages held each year throughout the summer months, being celebratory feasts of the patron saints.

  • There are these crazy fireworks that are let off randomly, often in succession. They make no visible display aside from a puff of smoke, but let off a really loud booming sound that makes everything shudder. It has something to do with the Festivities throughout the summer. It is cool how you can literally see the explosion happen in the sky seconds before you hear the blast... but overall, we don't like it.

Until next time 😘 Tanya x.


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