Raise Your Glass

It is finally time to say your good-byes to 2020 forever! Somehow I think this New Years Eve may be bigger and better than any I have ever seen or experienced in my lifetime, including the turn of the century. What a year it has been right? Whatever it is you are doing this eve, be sure to raise your glass for better things to come!

Let the countdown begin!

Be bold, be sexy, be fierce, and kick 2020 up the ass on its way out!

🤶🏻Tanya x Marie

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Admired for my meticulous sense of order, strikingly acute lines, bold, unyielding saturated colour and (in more recent years) the stimulating divergence and texture of mixed media and textile applique. I am an artist dedicated to celebrating and empowering women, passionately revealing her sensuality, opening her heart and saluting her confidence and spirited strength of character upon the canvas.

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Be bold, be sexy, be fierce. 

🥰 Tanya x Marie

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