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She is Ania Tomicka

Polish artist Ania Tomicka creates her artwork with authentic splendour and grace likened to art of the Italian renaissance. Ania manipulates historic teachings together with the ethereal atmospheric drama of a post-apocalyptic world, sending her artwork into a sweeping motion of melancholy and mystery, conceived with truth and set forth in beauty and illusion.

First and Foremost

Tell us a little about your background. When were you born? Where did you grow up? Did art play a significant role in your childhood?

I was born in Poland but grew up in Italy. Probably being surrounded by all the magnificent art here have contributed to my passion for art.

Did you delve straight into the world of art after high school or did you come to it later in your life? In either case, what exactly inspired you to pursue art as a career?

I started to think about an art career when I was attending an illustration school in Florence. This is when I discovered young pop surreal artist from United States that already had an amazing curriculum; before that, everyone has said to me that living as a painter is impossible.

The Nitty-Gritty

Which tools and mediums do you use and or prefer? Do you have a set process for creating your work?

I use oil paintings with a little bit of linseed oil. I start with underpainting and then proceed to make 2 or 3 color layers. This is my usual process but often I like to experiment.

What is your art in relation to your heart? Tell us your why. What does it all mean to you?

It is everything I am. I don't exist without art.

What are your thoughts on where your art began, to what it has now become?

My oil painting journey began with surrealism and the will to be good with the technique. At the moment I am focusing more on the atmosphere and magic realism.

Five For Fun

If you could only wear one colour ever again, what what you be? Why?

This will be impossible for a simple reason: I like to change!

What is something which you possess that you would never sell or give away, ever? Why?

My Bouguereau book. It is almost impossible to find now.

In a garden of all of the flowers, which one would you choose? Why?

I am not an expert in flowers but I will certainly choose the most colored one.

If you were a paint brush, how would you describe yourself?

If I were a paint brush I doubt I would have the ability to describe anything.

What is one talent you have outside of being an artist?

Making polish food!

Before You Go...

Anything you would like to add? What is up next for you that we should look out for?

As an artist, it is always difficult for me to express myself with words, so I apologize for the short answers! Coming up next are some really big paintings, I am trying to step out of my comfort zone.

Where can we find you?

What is one pro-tip lesson you have learned from your past as an artist?

To paint what I really love and to be true to myself.

What is your one boss-tip for all women to be true to themselves and live their best lives?

I am still a work in progress myself and trying to figure out everything. One advice could be to support your colleagues and be happy for their achievements.

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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