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She is Chris Hazell

Chris Hazell has the uncanny ability to create brilliant photo-realistic paintings right through to pop surrealism at the click of her fingers.

Scrolling through Chris Hazell’s instagram feed is a surreal experience in itself! You would be forgiven for thinking there may be more than one artist here… Chris has the incredibly unique artistic gift to substantially change up her style.

You will come across playful, expressive paintings, which Chris refers to as “lowbrow” or “pop-surrealism”. Stunning vivacious artworks, some purely aesthetic, others to poke fun, most; beautifully embracing femininity… And then Chris blows us out of the water with exquisitely realistic, sombre, dramatic artwork touching on social issues and the injustices of the world!

Chris Hazell spent her childhood in Sydney surrounded by beautiful artwork and ongoing creativity as her mother was an adept artist herself. Drawing and painting was a natural outlet for Chris, however it was not something she pursued as an adult, instead working various sales assistance jobs within the fashion industry.

The arts did catch up with her In her late 20’s never-the-less, and Chris attended Newcastle University to study Fine Arts and begin her artist’s journey. Chris has spent the past 20+ years in the field, fully embracing her creative side also working as a professional Bellydancer and having been a vocalist and percussionist in 3 different bands - one of which (an all women band called "LaBia LaZuli) has just reformed and started performing after a 10 year hiatus!

Chris has explored many genres of art, and it is quite obvious the female figure is her greatest passion, constant throughout her art practice. “My first introduction to the Pre Raphaelites and J W Waterhouse in particular, inspired my love of the myriad of colours that can be found in the smallest sections of skin and the luminosity that can be achieved, my entire art journey has been in pursuit of that goal.” Chris writes.

Chris Hazell currently resides with her husband Phil (boasting 28 years, 2 grown daughters and 3 grandchildren) and works from her home studio, situated on a 100acre bush block in the Northern Rivers district of NSW, living the dream.

*Chris is also a member of the Monarch Art Collective.

She is Art. She is Chris Hazell.

Instagram: @chrishazellartist

Facebook: @chris.hazell.376

Contact: chrishazell@outlook.com

Monarch Art Collective: @monarchartcollective

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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