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She is Cindy Press

“Strong, sexy, beautiful women inspire me!” - Meet Cindy Press. A woman after my own heart!

With oils, inks, charcoals or gouache, Cindy Press creates a splendour of sophistication upon the canvas, creating dramatic and captivating images of women which exude luscious feminine prowess. Predominantly working monochromatically in black and white, Cindy’s artworks of sultry, powerful, enchanting and unencumbered women, are seemingly snatched from a single moment in time to forever linger on our minds and impress upon our hearts.

Art to Cindy has always been an equivalent to breathing. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Cindy would spend hours drawing every day since before she can remember. Through high school she began spending her weekends taking college art classes to fulfil her yearning for the arts and love of fashion. She couldn't get enough!

As a young adult, Cindy graduated from Moore College Of Art And Design, earning her BFA in Fashion Design and there began a successful 15 year career in the field. It wasn’t until her youngest of two daughters began her own journey setting off to college did Cindy take up painting full time combining her expertise and love of fashion with her passion to express the connection between a woman’s physical beauty and personal identity onto the canvas.

Cindy Press Art is recognised and collected in major hubs across the globe, including her home city of New York, her buyer list including high profile clients such as Bloomingdales and The Four Seasons. There is absolutely no question in my mind as to why.

She is Art. She is Cindy Press.

Website: www.cindypress.com

Instagram: @cindypressart

Facebook: @cindypressart

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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