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She is Daria Andrews

Her work has been likened to Picasso, more so apparent in her early artworks, though the figures of Daria Andrews most recent oil artworks are reminiscent to me of work by Tamara De Lempicka… and I just can’t get enough!

Take your time while you admire each of Daria Andrews artworks. Purposely allow your eyes play over each scene. There is so much to see, so much to drink in! You will definitely notice Daria’s fascination with cubism and surrealism, sometimes even influences of pop art. If you truely appreciate each artwork you will be sure to notice the cultural symbols present and be delighted by revealing hidden messages which come to light.

The first time I laid my eyes upon one of Daria Andrews oil paintings I was instantly electrified with excitement! Daria uses bold, vibrant colour unrepentantly and I absolutely applaud the way she brazenly holds no barriers what-so-ever in revealing the naked human body, male or female, in all of it’s glory.

Daria Andrews “lives, loves and finds new inspirations” residing with her husband in Launceston, Tasmania, having only recently moved to Australia in January 2020. Daria was born in 1975 in Kostrzyn, a small town in Poland on the border connecting Germany. Daria was only 15 years old when she held her first solo exhibition, art always having had played a huge roll in her and her families lives. Sadly, Daria found herself discouraged shortly thereafter when her uncle, also an artist, committed suicide. She stopped painting and focused on building her business career.

“In my twenties I moved to Warsaw and during my studies started working at my university. A few years later I became a marketing director at the best Polish business school, where I spent almost 16 years. During these years I dreamed my paintings, but I didn’t leave myself much space for creating my art.” Daria writes.

As a mature woman, Daria felt the art begin calling for her… She then met a 90 year old (at the time) painter Alfons Kułakowski who demanded of her: “Daria paint! You have this piece of gold in your heart, if you don't paint it will hurt you for the rest of your life.” And so she did. Daria left her previous life to follow her dreams of painting, initially becoming Alfons apprentice and soon after making a name for herself with solo exhibitions in both Warsaw and her home town. During 2019, Daria painted about 100 watercolors and over 30 oil paintings. All of which were purchased by private collectors from Poland, the USA, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Ukraine and France.

She is Art. She is Daria Andrews.

Website: www.dariaandrews.com.au

Instagram: @dariashowroom

Facebook: @dariaandrewsofficial

Contact: dariaandrews.biz@gmail.com

Bonus: The Swan

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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