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She is Elena Vizerskaya

Think: Alice In Wonderland meets Salvador Dali and they have babies together ;) ... Meet: Elena Vizerskaya.

The phenomenal artwork of Ukrainian born artist Elena Vizerskaya (aka KaSSandrA) (b.1980) is like stepping into a fantastical dream, a realistically bizarre world that quickens your breath and sets your heart racing. Elena’s work is always hauntingly surreal, often disturbingly sexy, most definitely beautifully twisted… all consuming and utterly mesmerising.

The conception of Elena’s work is entirely visceral; Collage, photo-manipulation and graphic design are merely tools expended to portray her own intimate and emotional journey, her existence concealed in illusion and unpredictability. Elena says “I want what I see, and I see what does not exist…“ She lives in a metaphysical space and she allows us to peek inside that space.

Elena is an award winning, highly published Russian artist based in Kiev, Ukraine. Her passion for photography and collage, as so for many an artist, began in childhood and became her language, a way to express herself when there were no words to speak. Elena graduated from a children’s art school in 1994 and then from the Boychuk College of Decorative Arts and Design in Kiev, Ukraine in 2000. She has “kept at it with a passion” ever since.

Undeniably extraordinary… Step into the magical and mysterious world of Elena Vizerskaya.

She is Art. She is Elena Vizerskaya.

Website: vizerskaya.com

Instagram: @vizerskaya_official

Facebook: @ElenaVizerskayaLevitazio

Email: eugenee@vizerskaya.com

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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