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She is Fiona Francois

Fiona Francois is nothing short of masterful in front of the easel. Always the artist, Fiona Francois was already creating photo realistic artwork by the age of 12!

There is a softness in the blends of charcoal and graphite with an undercurrent of the dramatic in the depths of black and white. The combination of the two create a subtle, yet sombre moodiness and the intricacy and detailing of Fiona’s work is utterly beyond measure. From the glint of a pearl to the sparkle of an eye, this talented woman will draw you in and make you believe.

From a very young age Fiona taught herself to draw and paint from books. She was lucky to have access to her fathers old collection from the 50’s, in particular the Famous Artist Correspondence Course founded by Norman Rockwell (1894-1978 American painter and illustrator) teaching her everything she needed to know, and by the age of 12 Fiona was creating photo realistic artwork.

As an adult, Fiona made her way working in Graphic Design. Before dedicating herself to her own artwork Fiona employed for 25 years as an Illustrator. 10 of those years were spent in the male-dominated industry of video games as an expert 3D graphic artist, concept artist and art director. Fiona believes this work has brought a unique imaginative element to her solo art practice, creating a strong focus on narrative within her artwork allowing her to express important issues such as environmentalism, social and humanitarian issues and the exploration of the Self.

Having delved and dabbled with most mediums throughout her life, Fiona has decided to concentrate on charcoal and pencil in the traditional art industry where her passion lies, now living the life “and NOT starving” in Deloraine, Tasmania.

* Fiona Francois is also a member of the Monarch Art Collective; an Australian artist collective of pop surreal, whimsical and contemporary art.

She is Art. She is Fiona Francois.

Website: www.fionafrancoisart.com

Instagram: @fiona.francois.art

Facebook: @fionafrancoisart

Contact: fiona.francois.art@gmail.com

Monarch Art Collective: @monarchartcollective

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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