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She is Gina Kiel

She wields traditional and digital media like Glinda The Good Witch waving her magic wand ... Meet: Gina Kiel.

New Zealand artist Gina Kiel is the pop art genius creating a gorgeous array of artworks including illustration, exclusive paraphernalia and mind-blowing murals and street art. Her contemporary designs and bold images of women are the epitome of pop culture manipulating a minimalistic composition of orchestrated psychedelic colour, pattern and beautiful flowing lines.

A self-taught, artist drawing incessantly from a time before she can remember, Gina scored her first job, straight from high school, drawing for a a small animation company. It was at this time Gina decided against attending art school, already having a foot-hold in the creative industry, and it was here she strengthened her gift and discovered a new love of drawing body parts, before gradually moving into freelance illustration, and even tattooing part-time!

Gina’s awards are extensive and her world-wide client base and collaboration connections are beyond impressive. Courtney Barnett, Audi, The Drawing Book Studios, Deborah Wolfe at Illustration Online, Inject Design (creating some of New Zealand' s most iconic design work), Xoe Hall and Miriama Grace-Smith (aka The Dream Girls Collective), just to name a few.

Gina is genuinely influenced by her feelings for life itself, by her family, by music (which plays a pivotal role in her daily family life) and by her “fun talented friends”. Whether professionally working on projects for clients or indulging in her own passions, or exhibiting in shows across the globe, Gina Kiel is creating and working at every given opportunity… thank our lucky stars.

She is Art. She is Gina Kiel.

Website: www.ginakiel.com

Instagram: @ginakiel_

Facebook: @gina.kiel.3

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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