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She is Izabela Nowak

Believe it or not, lockdowns all over the world have actually created opportunities and opened doors in all aspects of life for many people, myself included. We can definitely thank lockdown 2020 Berlin for providing the space for Izabela Nowak to reveal her spectacular artistic talents!

Conformity, precision, order, balance… oh it makes my heart sing! The resplendent celebration of the naked female form emblazoned within the geometric manipulation of lines and culmination of retro contrasting colours; hallelujah! Izabela Nowak’s illustrations bring out the Sasha Fierce in me, the pride of being a strong woman with all of the curves in all of the right places.

Izabela Nowak was born and raised in Wroclaw, Poland and moved with her family to Vienna, Austria as a teenager. Theatre Studies came next after graduating, however Izabela describes her following working career, for several companies over the coming years, as “boring”, until she began designing her own jewellery line. On a new pathway, Izabela wasn’t only able to create various objects, but she began teaching design all over Europe, moving to Berlin in 2017.

Finding herself locked in her own world for several months in 2020, Izabela could finally bring her long awaited dream to life… bringing her own illustration ideas to paper and experiment with new drawing techniques. Izabela has been loving every minute of it since, In 2021 compelling Izabela to co-found the Social Art Lab, building a network of artists, projects and workshops.

Izabela believes now is the vital time to come together in solidarity and talk about body positivity and sisterhood. “We are living in exciting times, where we need to redefine and reinvent ourselves as women. We are in a transition phase, where the classical distribution of roles does not fit to what it used to be over centuries.” Izabela explains. Furthermore, insisting our need to push things along unapologetically to better understand ourselves as women in unity with each other.

She is Art. She is Izabela Nowak.

Website: www.izabelanowak.net

Instagram: @izabelanowakdesign

Facebook: @izabelanowakdesign

Etsy Shop: IzabelaNowakDesign

Social Art Lab: @socialartlab

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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