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She is Kat Hamilton

Oh the sweet surrender and tranquility I feel delving into the artwork of Brisbane based artist Kat Hamilton.

Kat Hamilton has developed an incredibly unique and beautiful style of art since dedicating herself to the craft back in 2013. I find myself wistfully swept away, peacefully enveloped in the magic of serenity she can manifest with not only an array of mediums, but with a world of hopes, dreams, beauty and love.

Kat was born in Iran, spending her youngest years cultivating her natural adoration for the arts, colour and pattern. She was greatly influenced by her father, whom during this time would paint for therapy. A grown woman now with her own family, Kat can still vividly recall the intense smell of the oils he had used.

So inspired, Kat’s father had hired an art tutor for a year or two, prior to the family immigrating to Sydney Australia when Kat was only 9 years old. And while Kat continued to draw every spare minute, as often happens in late teen years, the pastime fizzled away. She went on to study computer engineering at university, then transitioned into the corporate world as a technical business analyst.

Kat began drawing again when she fell pregnant with her first child at 31 years old. “It was then that I started drawing again and realised how much I enjoyed it. Starting out with watercolours and colouring pencils, I would study others works and just paint faces and fantasy figures until I became confident in my own imagination.” And the rest is history!

Now residing in Brisbane (since 2012) Kat and her husband have 4 children, and Kat paints full time (outside of her family commitments) and successfully operates her own small business with artwork in collections across Australia, Canada, Spain, Turkey, Norway, England, Singapore and the USA.

Kat is also the founder of the Monarch Art Collective (since 2018) - a group of Australian artists, continually growing, building a community together to connect on all things art and help to pave each other's way. She has recently began her own podcast My Crazy Artist Life with co-host Lisa Schroder AND currently has three online courses (so far) this year for all of you budding artists!

She is Art. She is Kat Hamilton.

Website: www.kathamiltonart.com.au

Instagram: @kathamiltonart

Facebook: @kathamiltonart

Monarch Art Collective: @monarchartcollective

Podcast: My Crazy Artist Life

Courses: Make Create Express 21

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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