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She is Kate Kraus

“There’s the story behind every painting, a very personal one and it will mean something completely different to each person who views it.” Artist Kate Kraus writes. For myself, Kate’s work feels incredibly spiritual. I want to slow everything down and take a moment, quiet my mind, breathe deep into my soul and let the artwork speak to me. I see so much beauty and wisdom with every brush stroke and I am sure I can hear each artwork whisper sweetly to me, ever so quietly, ever so lovingly.

First and Foremost

Tell us a little about your background. When were you born? Where did you grow up? Did art play a significant role in your childhood?

I was born in 1992 and I grew up in a small town in the heart of Europe (Czech Republic). I’ve been passionate about art my whole life and it did play a significant role in my childhood. I was a super creative child and becoming professional artist was my dream.

Did you delve straight into the world of art after high school or did you come to it later in your life? In either case, what exactly inspired you to pursue art as a career?

I did not, I studied a different field and it took me a while to finally listen to that inner voice telling me that I should take a chance on doing what I love. So I left my job and decided to pursue my art career and I applied for a one year art program, which is now finished and the real adventure is beginning.

The Nitty-Gritty

Which tools and mediums do you use and or prefer? Do you have a set process for creating your work?

I love using mixed media in my process, because it allows me to experiment and it gives me freedom while creating. My favorites are inks and spray paint, especially fluorescent colors. But I also really love oil paints, because of their depth and richness. I do have a set process for painting, but I like to change it up a bit from time to time.

What is your art in relation to your heart? Tell us your why. What does it all mean to you?

For me art is the highest form of Hope and self-discovery. There are no limits and I believe art has the power to change peoples lives (if definitely changes mine). There’s the story behind every painting, a very personal one and it will mean something completely different to each person who views it.

What are your thoughts on where your art began, to what it has now become?

It’s been an incredible journey and I think I’ve made such a progress with my art for the last 1,5 year and my style evolved in unexpected ways. But at the same time there’s still a long way ahead of me, as growth is a never ending process and there’s still a lot more to discover.

Five For Fun

If you could only wear one colour ever again, what what you be? Why?

It a tough questions, but I’d say red. To me red is a color of passion and is full of life.

What is something which you possess that you would never sell or give away, ever? Why?

It would be a ring that I got from my grandma as it reminds me of her everyday.

In a garden of all of the flowers, which one would you choose? Why?

Rose as to me they’re a symbol of love and strength. And they’re just so beautiful.

If you were a paint brush, how would you describe yourself?

I’d be probably a brush with a thick hair, a little bit messy one, but so easy to paint with.

What is one talent you have outside of being an artist?

Being a great listener.

Before You Go...

Where can we find you?

What is one pro-tip lesson you have learned from your past as an artist?

That it’s really important to pour our heart into what we’re doing and always keep going, there might be some obstacles on our journey, but it’s important not to quit.

What is your one boss-tip for all women to be true to themselves and live their best lives?

Just follow your heart and don’t forget to put yourself first and believe in yourself!

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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