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She is Lu Ke

Updated: Mar 27

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the art of Lu! Lu Ke works in both traditional and digital mediums and is deeply inspired by her ancestry, Chinese philosophy, fantasy, and mythology. I am crazy over Lu’s ink and charcoal works in particular, portraying bizarre creatures, animals and fascinating caricatures, all created with such meticulous detail.

First and Foremost

Tell us a little about your background. When were you born? Where did you grow up? Did art play a significant role in your childhood?

I was born and grow up in Fuzhou, a city at the south coast of China. Both of my parents did Chinese traditional painting at their 30s and my grandpa was painting his whole life. I grew up surrounding by ink and paper. I didn't learn how to paint until high school but pen and paper are always part of my life.

Did you delve straight into the world of art after high school or did you come to it later in your life? In either case, what exactly inspired you to pursue art as a career?

I got Bachelor and Master degree both in Fine Art. My very first job was art design for games which includes background, character and UI design. Until now, many of my works are done by my game design mind. I guess there wasn't a point for me that I decided to pursue art, it always there.

The Nitty-Gritty

Which tools and mediums do you use and or prefer? Do you have a set process for creating your work?

I work with both traditional and digital mediums. For traditional works I prefer keep them monochromatic with graphite, ink on paper. Usually, I would make multiple layers of ink washes and go into detail with graphite pencils. Most of time I will finish with a touch of small amount of gold leaf. For digital works, they mostly done in Photoshop.

What is your art in relation to your heart? Tell us your why. What does it all mean to you?

It's a way to express myself. I think my works are like a mood tracker for me. I don't have a fixed of subject, sometimes I paint happy things or tell a story and sometimes I paint my depressed or stressful mind. The whole painting process is quite relaxing for me.

What are your thoughts on where your art began, to what it has now become?

I try not to think too much, not to expect or ask to much from my work. It's now become more personal and self expressing compare to previous years.

Five For Fun

If you could only wear one colour ever again, what what you be? Why?

Haha, I can never decide and I am thinking really hard..lol.

What is something which you possess that you would never sell or give away, ever? Why?

A topaz necklace my mom gave me.

In a garden of all of the flowers, which one would you choose? Why?

Lilac. I have a lilac tree in my backyard. Love the smell and it's so romantic sitting under that purple with warm yellow sunshine.

If you were a paint brush, how would you describe yourself?

Magic one? I hope.

What is one talent you have outside of being an artist?

Making dumplings!

Before You Go...

Is there anything you would like to add? What is coming up next for you which we should look out for?

I am experimenting with new medias and new themes. If it works out you will see them on my social page.

Where can we find you?

What is one pro-tip lesson you have learned from your past as an artist?

More working , less thinking.

What is your one boss-tip for all women to be true to themselves and live their best lives?

Bravery and Empathy.

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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