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She is Mel Hayton

Mel Hayton considers herself an emerging artist. An artist with a dream unfolding before our very eyes!

I wholly admire Mel Hayton’s ability to create incredibly stylised, intricate scenes with such an uninhibited raw approach. Mel’s work exudes sophistication and prominence in both concept and style, all the while appearing almost childlike in its simplicity.

Mel Hayton considers her artworks “paintings to be explored”. Women kicking their heels off at the end of a hard days work, composed within familiar, warm surroundings: Ultra feminine, interior scenes, scattered with a range of items such as piles of books, flowers, underwear, champagne and shopping bags, creating a narrative both within and outside of the artwork. If you truly spend the time to take in her marvellous creations, within the scenes you will be delighted to find portraits on the walls and items scattered around paying homage to magnificent women. Portraits of Freda Kahlo or Amy Winehouse, for example, and Margaret Olley’s jugs and vases or Clarice Cliff’s ceramics. Mel’s is greatly inspired by extraordinary women, past and present, literally evident in her work.

Mel was born in a small outback town of Orroroo in SA, Australia. She wasn’t born with a paint brush in her hand, and she didn’t draw everyday since she can remember. Art came later in life for this talented lady.

Despite always having wanted to paint growing up, once Mel reached high school she was told she had to take Latin instead. Thereon after, having moved to Adelaide, Mel married at 17, and had 3 sons by age 21. After divorcing three years later, Mel went on to begin studying a Bachelor of Economics at Australian National University, before a big move to Sydney for work altered her plans and eventually opened doors to begin her own research business as well as time to complete a BA (Honors) in Opera Studies.

Art did not truly come into Mel’s life until 2008 when she had her first real opportunity to learn how to paint guided by Australian artists — Stephen Kaldor (from 2008 - 2013); Christopher Horder (2014); and Teresa Castellanos (from 2013 – 2020). And it didn’t stop there! In 2017 Mel attended Australian National Art School with David Briggs studying Anatomy for Life Drawing and other various courses in drawing and oil painting at Art institutions in Sydney; and in 2018 attending the Art Academy Master Class in Figure Painting with Alan McGowan in London UK.

Over this past decade Mel has been building a reputable reputation in the art world. 2020 seeing another big move for Mel to Red Hill, Queensland, Australia, where she continues to pursue her dreams with her incredibly unique Mel Hayton flair.

She is Art. She is Mel Hayton.

Website: www.melhaytonartist.com

Instagram: @melhaytonartist

Facebook: @mel-hayton

Contact: mhayton@ozemail.com.au

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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