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She is Miranda Gamel

How Miranda Gamel portrays such gorgeously refined, powerful beauty amongst lashings and layers of multimedia mayhem, is absolutely beyond me! There is so much presence of character and emotion in Miranda’s artwork; a steadfast, yet subtle, ferocity of self-assurance and presence of mind, the prowess of which is extremely sensual and utterly mesmerising. Oh my lord, this young artist completely and utterly blows my mind away!

First and Foremost

Tell us a little about your background. When were you born? Where did you grow up? Did art play a significant role in your childhood?

I was born in Arizona, and spent most of my life there in the desert. Both my parents are artists, my dad doing graphic design and my mom doing photography and fine art. I remember finger painting with my dad at 4 years old, and always being encouraged to pursue my creativity. I wanted to be an artist and superstar when I grew up.

Did you delve straight into the world of art after high school or did you come to it later in your life? In either case, what exactly inspired you to pursue art as a career?

In high school, I went through a “rebellious” phase where I wanted nothing to do with art. My plan was to pursue a personal training and fitness career after graduating. I even had a mentor who owner her own gym! Things actually fell through with this plan, and my moms artist friend took me under her wing. I went to a sort of artist “trade school” where I learned classical techniques, and lots of mixed media. The program heavily focused on creating a career from art, which was still something I was very passionate about. Later I took the opportunity to do the Arizona Fine Art Expo, which officially launched me into my art career.

The Nitty-Gritty

Which tools and mediums do you use and or prefer? Do you have a set process for creating your work?

I use a variety of mediums in my work, like spray paint, acrylics, collage, and oil paint. I like making a big mess on the canvas with all my water-based materials, then clean it up and refine it in oils.

What is your art in relation to your heart? Tell us your why. What does it all mean to you?

I was not a confident kid. Or a confident teenager. Or young adult. In my work, I focus on powerful confident creatures; tigers, mostly. They are such a beautiful powerful animal, and I hope to inspire a loud voice, or a roar, in the viewer. I want to spark that confidence we all had as young children, and inspire people to step into their authority.

What are your thoughts on where your art began, to what it has now become?

I think there was a lot of unchecked and unrefined chaos in my early work. A lot of darker colors, messy, and a serious lack of paint. Now, I work with the chaos I create and make it beautiful. I used lotssss of paint and really follow my gut instinct when I work. It was hard for me to follow that instinct before. Now it’s impossible not to.

Five For Fun

If you could only wear one colour ever again, what what you be? Why?

Black. I look great in black and it doesn’t retract from my art 😄

What is something which you possess that you would never sell or give away, ever? Why?

I got a necklace on my very first trip out of the country. It’s just a silver chain with a small triangle, but it’s such a great memory, I think that trip changed my life forever! Really broadened my perspective on the world. Priceless.

In a garden of all of the flowers, which one would you choose? Why?

Sunflower! I love sunflowers, they can grow to be so massive, the yellow is such a warm beautiful yellow, the intricate design in the center, and I like that they always face the sun.

If you were a paint brush, how would you describe yourself?

Can be versatile once you know how to use it and are familiar with it, doesn’t take much maintenance, as the bristles are intentionally stiff, makes cool marks. (A fan brush with different sized gaps 😄)

What is one talent you have outside of being an artist?

I love making things! Bracelets, cookies, woodworking things, etc. and I think I’m a pretty decent singer, although that stays in my van and in the shower.

Before You Go...

Anything you would like to add? What is up next for you that we should look out for?

I’m looking for van/rv dwellers to do an art excursion around the US! Summer ‘22

Where can we find you?

What is one pro-tip lesson you have learned from your past as an artist?

Use more paint. And that sometimes it’s ok to give up on a painting.

What is your one boss-tip for all women to be true to themselves and live their best lives?

Follow your intuition. People can give you advice, but nobody can know what you’re feeling in your heart. Nobody knows your path. Follow your gut, and don’t give a rip about what anyone else thinks about it.

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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