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She is Sharon England

Oh my. Sharon England. Can you even believe this incredible woman has only been painting in earnest for the past 4 years? 4 Years! AND a finalist in this years Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize. Something many artists spend a lifetime only dreaming about.

Within her current series; the Australian Goddess Series, Sharon has truly found her groove. Her Goddesses exude an ancient wisdom which takes my breathe away. There is a spiritual and tribal ambience emanating from the canvas which is so supple and yet all so powerful, co-existing in nature within monochromatic tones of blues and greens connecting earth and soul to the Heavens above. Simply, divine.

Sharon and her family reside in Sydney, Alexandria in NSW, Australia. She was born not too far south-west, in Camden, near Campbelltown. Growing up in quite a poor family, Sharon never believed pursuing her love of the arts was ever an option for her. Like a lot of us growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, she discerned that art was deemed a pastime, not a smart career choice. And so Sharon headed straight into workforce after finishing high school.

From the age of 24 Sharon built her own magazine publishing business and around 10 years and later she kicked off her own design studio championed with a fabulous business partner in North Sydney which ran for around 14 years.

Then it hit her.

“It wasn’t until I was approaching 50 that I realised I didn’t have much time left. I didn't want to live a life without having tried to discover what I was capable of. I suddenly started worrying more about dying without trying, [over] worrying about the money. So I jumped in.”

Sharon has realised her desires through her artwork, to bring a sense of peace and connection of nature into the world. After much turmoil and trauma throughout Sharon’s life, she just seeks peace: “That’s what I want to feel in my work when I make them and I hope that’s what people feel when they see them.”

Although Sharon still considers herself a beginner, her career background in graphic design and dedicated passion in pursuit of her dreams of paint and tranquility, has without doubt aided her innate artistic talent and accomplishments thus far. I cannot wait to see what Sharon will be producing with a few more years under her belt. Don’t blink and miss it!

Sharon is also part of the Monarch Art Collective - a group of Australian artists, continually growing, building a community together to connect on all things art and help to pave each other's way.

She is Art. She is Sharon England.

Website: www.sharonengland.com

Instagram: @sharonenglandart

Facebook: @sharonenglandart

Monarch Art Collective: @monarchartcollective

Contact: sharon@sharonengland.com

She is Art.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Be Fierce.

Tanya x Marie



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