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The Struggle Is Real

Friday was a day of rest and settling in. Both Heaven and I were absolutely exhausted, jet-lagged and feeling quite uncomfortable within our unfamiliar surroundings. I was extremely teary and anxious ... which I had predicted and prepared for, AND (love her to death and beyond) my gorgeous friend Donna-Lee had also prepared for - sending me off with a care package of oils, crystals and "to be opened when" letters.

We unpacked, slept, face-timed friends and family and ended with a little walking adventure around our residence (of which I will show you through very soon!). We thought we were closer to the ocean than we actually are, as we can see it from our window. However the closer we advanced, the further away it seemed to get!

These next couple of weeks are going to be dipped in self-care, meditation and time to rest and absorb. Thank my lucky stars I have Heaven here with me. What a blessing for us to have each other to integrate into this new world.

Tanya x.

Backdated: Friday 4 June 2022


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