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Visiting The Past

Friday 10 June 2022

No walkies this morning. We had to be on the bus early to meet Father Joe in Victoria. He showed us the Conventual Church of St. Francis of Assisi (Knisja ta' San Franġisk - (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_St_Francis,_Victoria) , the original Civil Hospital (https://vassallohistory.wordpress.com/civil-hospitals-in.../) (now the Ministry of Gozo) and most importantly, the streets where Nunna used to live, the convent in which she often visited and played, her primary school (which she hardly went to, lol) and where she was baptised (St. George Basilica which we visited the other day). We were lucky to have a sneak peak inside and walk through the convent, Father Joe being a priest and all, and also a sneak peak behind the scenes, the sacristy and alter area of the St. George Basilica.

BUT THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING HAPPENED! While we were walking down the street where Nunna used to live, Father Joe would stop people every now and then to see if they knew if any of our relatives were still living in the area... He stopped one lady crossing the street, just about to go into her house and she just happened to be my Nunna's first cousin! Just one minute earlier (or later) and we would have missed her completely. She actually remembered my Nunna even though she is 6 years younger, and also has her name as they were both named after their Nunna! She invited us into her home and showed us two photos on the wall; One was a photograph of my great-Nunnas (great-grandmothers) family along with my great-aunts and uncles AND my great-great-grandmother and father! Wholly cow!

This was such an incredibly emotional experience for Heaven and I. Just walking down the very street where Nunna lived and played, remembering the stories Nunna always tells us with so much joy and giggly laughter in her heart, like she is a little girl again... it was like I could literally feel Gozo in my bones, in my soul. And then the universe places Maria Antonia in our path! My gosh we are so very blessed to be on this wonderful journey.

😇 Tanya x.

PS: We also seen some actual grass! For the very first time!


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