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We Made It!

4 planes, 6 cities, 4 countries, 5 time zone jumps, 3.5 days, 80 hours later... We are in Gharb (pronounced arb) in Gozo, Malta.

We drove to Mildura from Broken Hill, flew to and spent the night in Melbourne before jetting off to Singapore. The Singapore airport is like a small city in itself. You literally need to catch a sky-train to each terminal. It oozes wealth and is incredibly pristine and best of all, extremely efficient in both its signage and management of flights and boardings.

Then there is Frankfurt Airport. A whole other story. It is also a large stretch in area but quite compact and very closed in. It is not very user friendly, the signage was quite confusing and the staff we came across were less than helpful and seemingly annoyed at having to assist.

We actually missed our flight in Frankfurt. We hadn't realised there had been a gate change until it was too late. We had just gotten off of a 13 hour flight, and with a two hour window. We got lost at the airport having to double back several times. Finally finding our way (to the wrong gate) then running about 3 kms to the new gate (with 8kg backpacks and a carry-on suitcase) missing our flight and having to go back to where we started to then having to line up for 2.25 hours (not even joking) at the service desk... We were then to be chastised and lectured about the importance of checking gate numbers (as the lady spoke to and scoffed in German with her staff-mate) only then to be told that all of the Malta flights were sold out over the next few days and they would have to put us on a waiting list with a stand-by ticket!

Fingers crossed we sat at the gate for another 2 hours for our POSSIBLE new flight, literally praying for someone else to miss theirs ... annnnnd then there was another last minute gate change! Thankfully it was only two gates over this time and we were on the ball navigating the flight online. Thank all the Gods above we were able to get on that flight. And thank them again that neither of us have to get on another one for some time.

PS: The Triumph card flew out at me while I sat quietly with my cards at that gate yesterday. It flew out at me again today. Thank you universe.

Backdated: Thursday 3 June 2022


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