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Wrong Way. Go Back.

Sunday 12 June 2022

This was the thought process: Everything is close, it will probably take an hour and a half, two at the most to get Heaven over to Malta to check into the Hotel in St. Pauls Bay to begin her solo adventure on the 3 week archaeological dig she is taking part in. We can be there by 2pm so she can check in and we can spend a couple of hours exploring before she has to meet the team and I can travel back to Gozo...

3 buses and a ferry ride later, It took almost 3 hours to get to Heaven's Hotel, and we got lucky with the timing of buses. We left home at 12pm checked in had a very late lunch and I had to leave as I had to do it all over again... Only I got on the wrong bus and headed in to Sliema in the opposite direction for half an hour and when I finally did get back to Victoria in Gozo I had missed my bus by about 3 minutes, and so had to wait the hour for the next one, so it took me over 3 and a half hours to get home.

As in Gozo, the sea is just spectacular! So clear and every shade of blue imaginable. It's quite incredible. However, Malta is very different from Gozo (although obviously we haven't seen it all). We did travel the coastal route through many cities but the landscape is a little greener and there are lots of trees in comparison. The roads are wider (apart from the older areas) and the populated areas are extremely built up, compact and very very populated. Unless there was an obvious, Basilica, monument or landmark, the old old towns are hidden somewhere within the depths of larger, more modern buildings, some almost swallowed whole it seems. There are no houses as we know them, no verandahs, it is all just stacks-on apartment styled structures. And as I arrived closer to Sliema (on the wrong bus) along came the highways, billboards, high rises and traffic jams. It no longer felt like I was on this amazing journey, it felt like really hard work.

Here are 3 things I learned:

  1. Even if I spent every single day sight seeing (which I am not by the way), I would still not see everything in the time I have. I must make a priority list.

  2. There is no way in the entire world I am making regular trips to Malta.

  3. I am so very happy I am residing in Gozo for all of its rugged charm, old world character and ease of pace.

Here are 3 things I am feeling:

  1. A little anxious in the winds of change, being solo on my journey now, already very much missing H.

  2. Stuffy as fuck, as I either have a head cold or pretty bad sinus/allergy issues going on (and guess which of the only tablets I forgot Monica!)

  3. Absolute shit. I do not travel well, mentally and most of all physically as I suffer from travel sickness... and the room will not stop swaying right now.

Heaven, by the way is super super excited! I have just had a call from her and she has met most of the team, many of them from Australia. She has also found out that they know there are tombs where they are digging (which is of the upmost interest to her in this work) so she is absolutely elated and cannot wait to start digging up corpses tomorrow, lol.

Tanya x.

PS: I couldn't take any photos in Malta as I was pretty much in the bus the entire time I was there and the windows have those wholly tint coverings on them.

PSS: Posts are unlikely to come hard and fast everyday now, not with exciting new adventures anyway. I will be getting back into some kind of working rhythm and leaving a couple of days a week for exploring.


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