“With an aerial lightness in her heart, she is connected deeply within the waters of Mother Earth, blessed by nature and folklore. She is one with her own being, knowing and in-readiness of both the triumphs and tribulations of life she will face. Each and every day she blooms with a magnificent luminosity that can only be drawn from the wisdom and passion within the depths of her own heart and soul.” – Aubrey by Tanya Marie Reeves





The unisex name Aubrey is of French origins and the means Rules with Elf-wisdom.





The dragonfly holds a strong relation with nature and is a gateway to the realm of spirits and fairies. It is symbol of wisdom, of transformation, adaptability, and is connected with light and change. When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it may remind you to delve deep into your emotions and have the strength and wisdom to shine with true colours. 



Driving Force


Through extraordinary art with exceptional style, I am an artist dedicated to celebrating and empowering women by creating strong, bold and beautiful paintings, choreographed with passion, abstract line and saturated colour. I take a woman’s inner strength and I bring it bolstering to the surface, heightening her physical prowess, celebrating her diversity, revelling in her beauty and sexuality, revealing her sensuality, her secrets and mystery. And most significantly, saluting her confidence, heart and spirited strength of character.



Inspiration and Work in Progress


Continuing with my newest series of mixed media artwork, my third artwork in line with Sloane and Brianna. The selection of fabric purely igniting my inspiration for colour, motivating my choice of outline, and so on, and so on, until she is whole… and I am momentarily gobsmacked by the extraordinary unique beauty of this artwork before me which simply began with a plain white canvas and a yearning desire to speak my truth.


From the moment I selected the fabrics, Aubrey pretty much flowed into being. There was a slight hiccup getting started on the acrylics after the fabric was laid and sealed. I wasn’t quite sure where I was heading… I new what colours I wanted though I had tried to carry on with a slight pattern throughout her torso. And I hated it. So I took a step back, and my daughter and I sat with her for several minutes bouncing our thoughts back and forth, then voila! My daughter wasn’t originally keen on my intention to add in the blue… and then very happy she hadn’t talked me out of it. I, in turn, am still not sure about the white splashes but she insists they should stay! 





20 November 2020

H121xW101cm – 48x40”

Acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas

Approximately 48-hours

Original Available