“For a moment in time, she rests her eyes and breathes deep the sweet fragrant night air. She is aware of the risks. She is aware of the whispers, of those around her with no understanding of her journey. But first and foremost, she is keenly aware of herself and the raw strength she possesses to be exactly who she wants to be. She is a divine fortress of courage and determination, a powerful force of unfathomable love and unyielding faith.” – Briana by Tanya Marie Reeves





The female name Briana is of Irish origins and the meaning is associated with fortitude and strength.





The ram is a mighty symbol of strength and resilience, all around the world. This amazing animal is associated with stamina, endurance, power, determination and focus, as well as rational thinking, determination, action and courage.

This horned mammal represents raw strength with the qualities of a warrior. Rams have always been associated with fire and flame, of hope, and are seen as symbols of persistence and undeniable boldness.


In Egyptian mythology, rams are associated with one of the mightiest deities, the powerful Amon Ra.


Ram, or Aries, is a powerful zodiac sign. People born under this sign are thought to be dynamic, self-confident, executive and very strong willed.



Driving Force


Through extraordinary art with exceptional style, I am an artist dedicated to celebrating and empowering women by creating strong, bold and beautiful paintings, choreographed with passion, abstract line and saturated colour. I take a woman’s inner strength and I bring it bolstering to the surface, heightening her physical prowess, celebrating her diversity, revelling in her beauty and sexuality, revealing her sensuality, her secrets and mystery. And most significantly, saluting her confidence, heart and spirited strength of character.



Inspiration and Work in Progress


Again, I worked on this mixed media artwork with no clear plan or outcome in mind. The selection of fabric purely igniting my inspiration for colour, motivating my choice of outline, and so on, and so on, until she is whole… and I am momentarily gobsmacked by the extraordinary unique beauty of this artwork before me which simply began with a plain white canvas and a yearning desire to speak my truth.


More and more I am finding my artwork is not only an expression of my inner warrior, but also a reflection of my life journey. A journey which I know I am not living alone. While the exact pathway I’ve taken and that which lies before me is entirely exclusive to me, there are always parallels and passages, accomplishments and obstacles along the way which most of us women share at one point or another, in one way or another. So, I know at least one of my ladies and the tale she tells belongs to you. 





18 October 2020

H121xW101cm – 48x40”

Acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas

Approximately 52-hours

Original Available



    Admired for my meticulous sense of order, strikingly acute lines, bold, unyielding saturated colour and (in more recent years) the stimulating divergence and texture of mixed media and textile applique. I am an artist dedicated to celebrating and empowering women, passionately revealing her sensuality, opening her heart and saluting her confidence and spirited strength of character upon the canvas.

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    Be bold, be sexy, be fierce. 

    🥰 Tanya x Marie

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