“She is one with nature. Her pure heart and divine soul conceived from the very seeds of the earth in harmony with Mother Nature and the blessings of the natural world. The vision of her will bestow upon you the sweet serenity of peace, and in the palm of her hands, she will heal you.” – Chesna by Tanya Marie Reeves





The female name Chesna is of Scandinavian origin and translates as bringing peace, calm.





I chose the Monstera foremost for its glorious, generous leaves, and all encompassing qualities, embodying the beauty and rich diversity of Mother Nature herself. The Monstera Deliciosa plant is a symbol of long life, honour, respect and longevity.



Driving Force


Through extraordinary art with exceptional style, I am an artist dedicated to celebrating and empowering women by creating strong, bold and beautiful paintings, choreographed with passion, abstract line and saturated colour. I take a woman’s inner strength and I bring it bolstering to the surface, heightening her physical prowess, celebrating her diversity, revelling in her beauty and sexuality, revealing her sensuality, her secrets and mystery. And most significantly, saluting her confidence, heart and spirited strength of character.



Inspiration and Work in Progress


Chesna was created especially for Monica Williams, Naturopath and business owner of Wildfolk Wellness. Monica wanted an Artist Tanya Marie Reeves original and so had commissioned my services to create something beautiful for her new clinic in Broken Hill. 


Initially I had a chat with Monica about her needs. She wanted an artwork in my mixed media style that was related to nature. She needed her lady to be earthy, centred, harmonious and emanate love and connection. It actually didn’t take long for me to create an outline and Monica simply loved the first draft. She provided me with a colour palette and wholeheartedly handed artistic license over to me with complete trust.


The leaves were the most time consuming part. When I work with fabric I generally apply the applique in block sections. I still need to fit each pice together like a jig-saw though this artwork required me to be able to cut and fit each segment exactly into the correct shape of the Monstera leaves. Normally a mixed media artwork of this size takes me approximately 50 hours to complete… This piece actually took over 50 hours just to get the fabric down. 


Now this is where I started to get nervous… the acrylic colours I initially layered were not working for me and I was beginning to freak out... what if it was a complete bust? Then, I quietly reminded myself that this is exactly how it works. The artwork itself lets me know what to keep, what to change and what to throw away completely,  and layer by layer she comes together like magic! 


And Monica just adores her by the way.





10 January 2021

H121xW101cm – 48x40”

Acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas

Approximately 82-hours

Commission - original unavailable

Watch for Limited Edition Prints