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“Her angelic wings beat in time with the momentum of her heart, unwavering and true. She belongs to no-one and yet is devoted to all, through kindness, through faith, and through love.” - Chessa by Tanya Marie Reeves





The female name Chessa is of Czechian origin and translates as Peaceful.





Universally, dove bird meaning is purity, representing the human concept of sacredness. Across cultures, the dove represents purity, gentleness, love, devotion, beauty, and faith. The dove is also recognised as the International Symbol of Peace.



Inspiration and Work in Progress


The 3 fabrics I had chosen were all very busy and each quite bold in their own right, so I knew I wanted to keep my outline simple and elegant. I was also working on a much smaller canvas then I have been used to and didn’t want to overcrowd the space with too much detail.


This is only the second time I have used fabric strips for my appliqué. Needless to say I was extremely grateful for the smaller canvas choice, as working with wet fabric in this way, though beautifully effective, is terribly testing. I did make it through the process without too much drama however, and probably in record time!


It wasn’t until I had began painting Chessa’s face that I started to think about her totem and not long into my research did I see the Dove and instantly connected the dots.


Chessa was smooth sailing. In fact while I was waiting for paint to dry I was already working on a new project!





4 July 2021

H914xW762mm – 36x30”

Acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas

Approximately 25-hours

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