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Open Prints

* One Size 455 x 305mm
* Drop-shipped directly from the printers to your door

My Giclee Prints are true to the original, professionally printed on superb Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, loose cut with 30mm border. Open prints are unlimited, neither numbered or signed.

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  • About Tiffany

    I was captivated by an old black and white photograph I had come across online (unknown photographer), it may have been a cigarette advertisement, or perhaps simply a fashion shoot. I loved the partial imagery and the way your eye is drawn down that leg. I had a strong urge to recreate the piece using my own modern flair with block colour, intense lines and contrasting tones.

    The name Tiffany is of Greek origins and is derived from the name Theophania meaning manifestation (or appearance) of God. Again, however, this had no influence on my choosing the name. To me, it just fit. 



    22 April 2014

    91x60cm (36x24") 

    Acrylic on stretched linen
    Original Sold

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