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I am a woman, a mother, an empty-nester, a sister, an aunty, an ex-wife, a lover, a daughter, a granddaughter, a friend, a business owner... I am a visual artist from Broken Hill, NSW Australia. I am a self-taught painter with over 20 years’ experience, working with both acrylics and textile appliqué. With beauty and passion, I portray empowered women upon the canvas by modern design likened to a combination of Pop Art, Art Deco, Cubism, Symbolism and Art Nouveau. I love to choreograph saturated block colour, simple lines, geometry and meticulous precision along with intricate patterns, textures and conceptual connotations.


I am influenced by strong, empowered women whom are also vulnerable in-kind to be passionate, sensual and openhearted; I am influenced by colour and beauty, by divinity and magic, and by the spirited feminine connection with nature, the earth, and the universe. I am encouraged by my own growth and lifelong struggles with depression and anxiety and my own journey through many of life’s tough lessons. As a mature woman I realised something inside of myself I never knew existed, and I am now driven to empower other women to open their hearts and minds, and ignite their desires to all of the possibilities within themselves, and to continue to embody, honour and nourish that power, allowing them to escalate success in all areas of their lives without burning out.


Hi, my name is Tanya Marie Reeves, 


Over the past 20 years I have created and sold over 200 original artworks internationally. I have participated in residencies and exhibited my artwork in galleries and fairs throughout Australia, in France, Italy, New York and Malta, and I have won numerous awards including the Gold Award for the Master of Art International in London.


By modern design, through symbolism, beauty, bold line and colour, I choreograph empowering artwork embodying a woman's unique essence upon the canvas. I create something tangible, invigorating and powerful for her to connect with, honouring her own divine authenticity, enabling her to elevate her life and her business on all levels.


"Let the magic begin!"


"I ordered Chesna to bring some life to my clinic space and I couldn’t be happier with the result. She gets so many compliments from clients, but more so, she creates an aura of love, warmth and connection that fills up the room. At the time of creation I wasn’t able to visualise exactly what I wanted, so looking at Chesna now I am in constant awe of how perfectly she represents myself and my work, and Tanya’s remarkable ability to have envisioned this. Working with Tanya to create an individualised artwork was an incredibly flawless experience, and I would recommend for anyone thinking about owning a unique statement piece to get in touch and let the magic begin!"


Monica Williams - Naturopath - Owner of Wildfolk Wellness