Alessandra Rose


"She is alone. She prefers it that way. Cloak-and-dagger she keeps to herself, contemplating her next move, an amalgamation of her surroundings. She is a hunter. A predator, if she needs to be. Sometimes her belligerence can carry her away... But mostly she is the loyal guardian of those she holds dear. She will fight for them, she will lead them. She will love them." Alessandra Rose by Tanya Marie Reeves



Alessandra is a derivative of Alexandra, the female version of Alexander. The name is of Italian origin and bares the meaning "Protector of man".




"Within every woman is a wild and natural force." - Unknown


#2 of 4 - The Wild Roses is a series which lay bare the innate traits of ones unique disposition in relation to her spiritual connection with nature. Her animal instinct, if you will. Her simplicities and complexities. Her sensuality, sexuality and strength. Her mystery. The bite in her bark, the hiss in her kiss, the flutter of her wings and the spirit of her heart and soul.


Alessandra’s Spirit Totems


  • The rhinoceros is a wise, ancient, solitary animal. A powerful presence offering a gentle and passive nature which is only given way to a fierce defence when threatened or challenged.
  • Tigers are symbolic of confidence and power. They are a regal, solitary animals. Primal, courageous and stealthy. The female tiger especially, has a fierce protective instinct of her young, though loving and tender to their needs. The tiger is also a hunter. An unpredictable predator, and she can merge into her surroundings with ease.
  • The wolf is an incredibly intelligent animal symbolic of loyalty and guardianship. A hunter, the wolf is also predatory, particularly in a pack, and highly competitive.
  • Racoons symbolise magic. They embody disguise, secrecy, adaptability and ingenious resourcefulness. 
  • The rose itself is one of the oldest flowers in cultivation and has many meanings which vary depending on its color and creed. However, any rose customarily encapsulates love, beauty, promise, hope, passion, wisdom, intrigue, devotion, sensuality and timelessness. Its thorns commonly represent pain and imperfection though due to natures intent may contradictory embody protection, perseverance and ascent. 




31 July 2017

1524x1016mm 60x40"

Acrylic on stretched canvas

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Alessandra Rose


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