“She is fiercely independent and strong-willed  with a quiet confidence that begins with her graceful beauty and seeps like an addictive elixir from her very soul. Her heart often beats with an insatiable hunger and she will bare her teeth to protect her own but if you love her just right she will shower you with her tenderness, her passion and sensuality.” Devlin by Tanya Marie Reeves



Commonly a boys name, Devlin is Gaelic in origin and translates as Fierce.




28 June 2018

1524 x 1220mm - 60x48”

Acrylic on calico on stretched canvas

Original Sold

Open Prints Available




  • My Fine Art Giclee Prints are true to the original printed on superb Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, with a gloriously fine surface texture and yet seemingly velvety smooth. Prints are loose cut with 30mm border, perfect for framing options.

    Open Prints will not be numbered or be signed by the artist. Open Prints are printed on demand, directly from the printer to you, with no specified limits or special inclusions.