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Open Prints

* One Size 378 x 302mm

* Drop-shipped directly from the printers to your door


My Giclee Prints are true to the original, professionally printed on superb Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, loose cut with 30mm border. Open prints are unlimited, neither numbered or signed.


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"In despair she takes her heart from her own chest and places it aside. It hurts, and it only gets in the way anyhow. Stops you from thinking clearly. And besides, her heart and her mind are no longer on speaking terms.​" - Dita - By Tanya Marie Reeves



Dita is derived from the Latin name Perdita meaning: The Lost One



"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul." - Vincent Van Gogh



#1 of 3 in my Trio Of Hearts, influenced by profound sadness and encouraged by conflicting emotions."Hearts Will Never Be Practical Until They Can Be Made Unbreakable." - Wizard of OzWith her heart full of love, content it beThough her mind, of many voices, does not agree.Decisions must be made, for the very very best.Was I right? Because it doesn't it hurt any less.-



6 December 2016
H121xW101cm – 48x40"
Acrylic on stretched canvas 
Original Sold

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