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Open Prints


Artist Tanya Marie Reeves Fine Art Giclee Prints are true to the original, professionally printed on your choice of:


* Paper - Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, loose cut with a 30mm border

* Canvas - Hahnemühle Daguerre Matt Canvas, including a gallery wrap border




* Within A4 parameters - 210 x 297mm

* Small - (Paper only) Approx. 315mm on the longest side

* Medium - Approx. 420mm on the longest side

* Large - Approx. 630mm on the longest side

* XLarge - Approx. 840mm on the longest side

- Print sizes will differ slightly depending on the measurements of the original artwork.


*Drop-Shipped directly from the printers to your door.

- does not include frame or mounting


Products are available from my RedBubble Shop


“She has been through some dark times. She will always carry them with her. They are a part of who she is, a part of what made her who she is today; Her dark amplifies her light. Together they make her a powerful leader. One who is not only strong enough to weather the storms, but one with a golden heart, who can see all the beauty which lay beyond.” Kendra by Tanya Marie Reeves.



Kendra is a name with Celtic roots, its’ meaning is high summit, greatest champion. It is derived from cene which means ‘bold, keen’; ric ‘rich, powerful, ruler'; and cyne 'royal'. Aka: Female version of Kendrick.




Kendra was influenced by the Power Pose. Think Wonder Woman. Though pretty much after the initial outline she took on her own ideas and ran with them often leaving me trying not to tear my hair out. She won of course, and while the outcome was far from my imaginings of her, in the end I couldn't be happier.




23 October 2018
1524 x 1220mm - 60x48”
Acrylic and mixed media on stretched Canvas
Original Sold

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