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“She looks like cake. Sweet and delicious, luxuriously glazed with divinity and filled with an abundance of fortitude and love." - Alice - by Tanya Marie Reeves


  • Symbols/Totems

    Totems & Symbols

    The heart
    is the symbolic centre of our being, the very core of life and the embodiment of love itself. The heart shape is one of the most recognised symbols in the world associated with feelings of love, respect, hope, joy, kindness and compassion.

    The overall predominance of Pink tones temper the passion of red with the purity of white, resulting in a light tender colour associated with romance, sweetness and happiness, fantasy and the divine feminine.

  • Name & Inspiration

    Name and Inspiration

    I've had a pretty crap year all round, I'm not going to lie, and my creativity has suffered. Until Alice, I had actually been taking time off from even walking through the door of my art studio. After two months pause (plus a prior year of minimal production) I was beginning to feel the tingling of a familiar pull... No pressure please! I just wanted to create something beautiful. I utilised a pre-loved outline, and as always when I delve into textile applique, it was the beautiful selection of the fabrics themselves which intuitively led my way.

    Alice is a German name meaning Noble. However, I chose this timeless name not for it's literal meaning, but predominantly for the connection to the fantastic and nonsensical nature of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which balances elements that make sense, with many which do not, and I believe that right there, describes my personal aesthetic of artwork perfectly.

  • Details


    14 Nov 2023
    H 1221 x W 915mm – 48 x 36"
    Acrylic and textile applique on stretched canvas


    Jennifer Paganelli Nostalgia Kitty Green
    Florida Shade Wild Wings in Slate Grey by Sarah Watts
    Amy Butler Soul Mate Grand Bouquet in Plum
    (Fourth fabric unknown)

    Watch for Limited Edition Prints


  • Options

    Professionally framing - Ready to hang

    Your artwork will be professionally framed in a box (or floating) frame in a natural wood and ready to hang.
    Addittional time (dependant on framers) will be required for shipping.

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