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Artist Tanya Marie Reeves Vulva Series

Vulva Series


Dive into a world of cheeky vibrancy with one of my sassy series of 8 Vulvas, each named after the ladies in the Mambo No. 5 song by Lou Bega. Just for funsies! 


In the words of Regena Thomashauer, “So many of us were taught to keep a lid on anything and everything outrageous. To just turn it off. We turn off our life force, turn off our feelings, turn off our sensuality, and as a consequence, we turn off our power.” This series breaks free from societal norms, celebrating the extraordinary, vulnerable, and sensual aspects of feminine anatomy in all its diversity.


I have always wanted to create a series of vulvas, something cheeky and vibrant, representing the many different shapes, sizes, and colours of our most extraordinary, vulnerable, and sensual physical feminine attributes. It's about time we embraced ourselves. All of ourselves. Inside and out.

The series aims to normalise and beautify female anatomy, challenging centuries of oppression that taught women to be embarrassed about a fundamental part of our being. As Oliver Markus Malloy aptly puts it, "There is no such thing as an ugly pussy."

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