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"She proclaims her sovereignty aloud with fortitude and passion, held softly in the palms of vulnerability and grace. Majestically she calls forth the strength from her lions-heart and unleashes her will across the miles with the depth of a ferocious and thunderous roar." 

- Artist Tanya Marie Reeves -



The name Brenin translates as "King". The name is Welsh in origin and recognised as being a male title.

Symbols and Totems

The male lion is a symbol of personal strength and courage. The master of emotions, he shows us majesty, prowess, protection, leadership, pride and wisdom. The lion is of royalty and has a strong connection with the sun and gold, symbolising power and prosperity. A proclamation of rule, a lions roar is booming and can be heard well across the plains. It is spine chilling and guttural; an ancient calling of bravery from deep within his heart.

The butterfly is one of the most emblematic totems, throughout the world and throughout time, symbolising beauty, lightness, transformation and fortitude.

The butterfly is connected with:

. Powerful transformation or metamorphosis within your life, within your being and/or surrounding you
. Moving through different life cycles or journeys of life
. Renewal or rebirth
. Lightness of being, lighthearted, playfulness
. Elevation of earthly matters becoming emotional or spiritual
. The world of the soul, of the psyche, of spirit
. Underlying strength and fortitude
. Beauty and fragility

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