Cahira Rose


"She is swift and unpredictable, but she is far from stupid. She can wait. She can bide her time while she outwits her prey. Her enemy. Sheathed by shadows and mystery before her strike. And by God you would wish the ground to open and swallow you whole before she reaches you." Cahira Rose by Tanya Marie Reeves



Of Irish origin, Cahira translates as "woman warrior".


"Within every woman is a wild and natural force." - Unknown


From the Wild Roses. A series which lay bare the innate traits of ones unique disposition in relation to her spiritual connection with nature. Her animal instinct, if you will. Her simplicities and complexities. Her sensuality, sexuality and strength. Her mystery. The bite in her bark, the hiss in her kiss, the flutter of her wings and the spirit of her heart and soul.



Cahira's Spirit Totems


  • The ram is a symbol of determination, action, initiative and leadership. Also the symbol of Aries, the ram signifies rulership.
  • Cats are symbolic of rebirth and resurrection. They are also associated with darkness, mystery and magic. They are playful and unpredictable. The cheetah is sleek and agile, the spotted feline symbolising swift response to all aspects of life both mentally and physically.
  • Cheetahs are also solitary animals with trust issues.
  • The crocodile is an ancient creature. The reptile represents wisdom, survival and longevity.
  • The rose itself is one of the oldest flowers in cultivation and has many meanings which vary depending on its color and creed. However, any rose customarily encapsulates love, beauty, promise, hope, passion, wisdom, intrigue, devotion, sensuality and timelessness. Its thorns commonly represent pain and imperfection though due to natures intent may contradictory embody protection, perseverance and ascent.



9 October 2017

Acrylic on calico on stretched canvas

1524x1016mm 60x40"

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Cahira Rose


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