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Daija Rose

Daija Rose

Open Prints


Artist Tanya Marie Reeves Fine Art Giclee Prints are true to the original, professionally printed on your choice of:


* Paper - Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, loose cut with a 30mm border

* Canvas - Hahnemühle Daguerre Matt Canvas, including a gallery wrap border




* Within A4 parameters - 210 x 297mm

* Small - (Paper only) Approx. 315mm on the longest side

* Medium - Approx. 420mm on the longest side

* Large - Approx. 630mm on the longest side

* XLarge - Approx. 840mm on the longest side

- Print sizes will differ slightly depending on the measurements of the original artwork.


*Drop-Shipped directly from the printers to your door.

- does not include frame or mounting


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  • About Daija

    "Peace, serenity, tranquility. She is light healing, with compassion and honour, warmth and grace, in her heart... But do not mistake her kindness for weakness. She is of long ago, her wisdom, her intelligence, her power and fortitude, is immeasurable, fortified with the reverence and love of those who choose to walk by her side." Daija Rose by Tanya Marie Reeves



    Daija (pronounced DEY-YAH) is a derivative spelling of Dayaa, meaning "Mercy". The name is of Sanskrit origin.



    "Within every woman is a wild and natural force." - Unknown

    #3 of 4 - The Wild Roses is a series which lay bare the innate traits of ones unique disposition in relation to her spiritual connection with nature. Her animal instinct, if you will. Her simplicities and complexities. Her sensuality, sexuality and strength. Her mystery. The bite in her bark, the hiss in her kiss, the flutter of her wings and the spirit of her heart and soul.


    Daija's Spirit Totems

    • An octopus is a magnificent creature and symbolism in relation to the animal is incredibly vast to sat the least. At the tip of the octopus ice-berg, however, is a creature of complexity and sublime intelligence. It is flexible, adaptable and follows the path of least resistance with agility and grace. The octopus is an ancient creature with regenerative abilities, pertaining to wisdom and eternal life. Also representational of illusion, mystery and magic. The octopus has strong ties with the moon, therefore being linked with celestial totems as well as having characteristics of water symbolism… the list goes on.
    • The moose is a primal, ancient animal. Large and powerful with an innate knowledge and wisdom. The mothering instinct of the female moose is almost divine and she be a formidable opponent in protection of her young.
    • Wings are a token of many allegorical meanings throughout many spiritual belief systems. From lightness, spirituality and ascension, to freedom and protection. In pre-columbian cultures, wings are symbolic of the sun and in ancient Greece wings represented the traveller and messengers of dreams as well as love and victory.
    • Feathers together with birds, represent freedom, inspiration and limitlessness. The journey of a higher plane, ascension and spiritual evolution. 
    • While a snake can be seen as a token of evil as in the story of Adam and Eve, the snake being a mask of Satan, historically snakes are representative of fertility and creativity. They symbolise rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. 
    • The rose itself is one of the oldest flowers in cultivation and has many meanings which vary depending on its color and creed. However, any rose customarily encapsulates love, beauty, promise, hope, passion, wisdom, intrigue, devotion, sensuality and timelessness. Its thorns commonly represent pain and imperfection though due to natures intent may contradictory embody protection, perseverance and ascent. 



    30 August 2017
    1524 x 1220mm - 60x48”
    Acrylic on calico on stretched canvas
    Original Sold

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