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"She is one world apart from all of the theatrics. She radiates the warmth and light of the sun, breathing a new kind of happiness with awareness and acceptance. Change is inevitable, and be that as it may it can also be chosen. She glides on the wind with freedom of doubt, knowing she holds the power of writing her own story.” Faith - by Tanya Marie Reeves





Faith (Faythe) is a female name of Greek origin, meaning: Confidence, trust, belief.





The butterfly is one of the most powerful emblematic totems across the world symbolising the beauty of personal change and transformation, while also having the ability to move through life's continuous shifts with grace and lightness of being. In relation, the butterfly is also attributed to rebirth, renewal and immortality, having traditional beliefs in many cultures to be connected with the soul, psyche or spirit.



Inspiration and Work in Progress


Faith came together all on her own, leading me every single step of the way. She is nothing at all like I had originally imagined.


I only had one little hiccup in the very early stages which required me to appliqué over a few pieces of brilliant green fabric that I originally selected for the textile combination. I didn't like it and I am ever so grateful I listened to my gut and didn't persist.


The photograph which had inspired this lady (by Island Boi Photography) was of a beautiful dark brown young woman with a full crown of flowers upon her head looking directly into the camera with an obvious glamour fashion pose. My Faith was adamant in softening the look radiating a certain confident peace and contentment.





18 April 2021

H101xW101cm – 40x40”

Acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas

Approximately 35 Hours

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