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Inna Scheuchenko was beautiful powerful feminist who wasn't afraid to take on the powerful male dominated powers. She was courageous, intelligent, and beautiful. She once removed her top exposing her breast in protest against the powerful KGB. She was abducted and tortured, this didn't stop her. She created a powerful female group and after many stances against the powers, she eventually fled to france so she wouldn't be jailed, establish a powerful feminist organisation that continued to change that part of the world, and is well known for quoting Queen Elizabeth I when speaking about the current war stating: "when men fight wars, it's up to woman to finish them".


The name Inna (pronounced: Ee-na) originates in the Russian language and means "coming from water of strength". Rough or flowing stream.

  • Details

    76 x 55cm + Frame

    Original artwork
    Acrylic on Waterboard
    Professionally framed behind glass

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