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"She is a strong warrior and protector, a mother and lover of the people; of girls and of women. She is full of grace, offers mercy, honours and rewards loyalty. She is a Queen. A Goddess. Yet she is not without her own faults and vulnerabilities. Nevertheless she steps forward and dares to rule on high, and that is what makes her a true leader." - Juno by Tanya Marie Reeves


  • The name Juno is of Latin origin and means "Queen of the Heavens".
  • The earring depicted in my artwork is an actual symbol of the Roman Goddess Juno
  • The peacock feathers represented within the background of my work as well as the peacock itself on Juno's arm are a symbol of loyalty, one of the highest values of the Goddess Juno.


Other totems representing Juno:

Fruit - (mainly the pomegranate) a symbol of abundance, fertility and Life.

Flowers - associating Juno with beauty.

Moon - a sign of constant change, passing seasons and of life and death.

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